About us

Euroleki is one of the largest independent distributors of branded products including pharmaceuticals (also cold chain and controlled drugs), medical devices, blood glucose test strips and meters, wound care products, medical equipment, etc.

We have over 10 years of experience in trading in medical products, a highly professional team to serve you and a modern warehouse meeting GDP requirements.

We constantly strive to broaden our portfolio and meet our clients’ demands. We will be more than happy to explore business opportunities with your company.

Our offer

Our product range includes international brands such as:
  • pharmaceuticals
  • medical devices
  • blood glucose test strips
  • wound care products
  • medical equipment
  • milk for infants

Our team

Katarzyna Kołaczkowska

Office manager
Telephone: +48 42 61 32 808
Mobile: +48 609 258 900
Email: kolaczkowska@euroleki.eu

Ewelina Małecka

Sales Department Manager
Telephone: +48 42 61 32 835
Mobile: +48 667 947 807
Email: malecka@euroleki.eu

Agnieszka Krachulec

Sales department – pharmaceuticals
Telephone: +48 42 61 32 831
Mobile: +48 693 393 083
Email: krachulec@euroleki.eu

Karolina Rudnicka

Sales department – pharmacuticals
Telephone: +48 42 61 32 832
Mobile: +48 667 889 661
Email: rudnicka@euroleki.eu

Ceslava El Saheli

temporary maternity leave

Anna Stawiana

Sales department – medical devices
Telephone: +48 42 61 32 834
Mobile: +48 607 097 767
Email: handlowy@euroleki.eu

Adrianna Kuśmierczyk

Sales department
Telephone: +48 42 61 32 834
Mobile: +48 697 995 353
Email: kusmierczyk@euroleki.eu

Katarzyna Osadowska

Sales department
Email: medyczne@euroleki.eu

Aleksandra Ramięga

Sales department
Email: contact@euroleki.eu

Kamilla Kopacka
Responsible Person
Mobile: +48 605 695 525
Email: kopacka@euroleki.eu

Łukasz Ruta
Narcotic drugs and psychoactive substances specialist
Telephone: +48 42 61 32 907
Email: ruta@euroleki.eu

Anna Malinowska - Sima
Chief Accountant
Telephone: +48 42 61 32 804
Email: malinowska@euroleki.eu


Euroleki is a Polish company with the registered office in Łódź. The company, as a pharmaceutical wholesaler, attaches supreme importance to quality and security.

Euroleki operates in line with the Guidelines on Good Distribution Practice for purchasing, transportation, storage and sale of medicinal products as well as the rules governing the handling of complaints concerning such products and the procedure for recalling medicinal products from the market.

The company has a modern warehouse in which an experienced team of professionals applies their knowledge and qualifications when fulfilling tasks allocated by the Warehouse Manager. Storage rooms and the manner in which pharmaceuticals are transported ensure that the products are stored under appropriate conditions.

It is the responsibility of every employee working at the Euroleki warehouse to ensure that his or her own conduct conforms to clear and fair rules. We sell and purchase only branded products of high quality. We work effectively by improving our working methods and tools and fulfilling our commitments.

The Quality Policy was developed by Euroleki in such a way as to provide Customers with medicinal products and medical devices meeting the highest quality standards.

Our Wholesale Dealer’s License: GIF-N-411/591/6/MSH/12

Our Controlled Drugs Dealer’s License: GIF-N-4430/21/AB/13 issued on April 23rd, 2013 and license extension dated February 4th, 2015.

Our Quality documentation:


Euroleki GK Sp. z o.o. Sp.k.
ul. Sw. Teresy od Dzieciatka Jezus 111
91-222 Lodz, POLAND

Telephone.: +48 42 61 32 800
Mobile: +48 603 22 33 72
E-mail: euroleki@euroleki.eu
NIP/VAT no: PL947-19-26-322
Our Offices:
Dostawcza 17
93-231 Lodz, POLAND

Our Warehouse:

Lodowa 106A
93-232 Lodz, POLAND

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